Who are we? Westmount Packaging is a Limited Company, which was founded in 1973 by a family that still own and run the business today! Westmount Packaging specialize in fine art packing materials, and work hard with our customers and suppliers to make sure that we are always evolving and improving. Don’t hesitate to contact us about our wide range of Fine Art packing materials!

Dedicated to doing the best for our Customers, through sharing our expertise and providing the right packaging solution.

A Continuously Improving Company + Motivated and United People = Unrivaled Customer Care.

1. Keep Packaging Simple!
2. Build long-term relationships
3. Understand our customers’ needs in view of providing a complete solution
4. Inspire confidence by providing reliable products and being reliable people
5. Make the customer Number One
6. Always on time, accurate and complete
7. Base every transaction on the principle of Best Value
8. Add strength and resource to the company

We are:
1. Positive; our attitude is to always be helpful and show respect
2. Reliable; we demonstrate our reliability by being diligent and being prepared
3. Effective; by being adaptable, immediate and agile
4. Honest; we are straightforward and trustworthy in our dealings, and accountable to one another

OUR MOTTO: “Yes, we do”

Our large warehouse facility in Paddock Wood, Kent, and our proximity to the national road networks and London enables us to deliver excellent service to you, wherever you are.

Westmount Packaging has many other areas of resource. Check out our parent website www.westmountpackaging.co.uk.